Come and join our Start Well team for a variety of live virtual workshops and information sessions.

These are a great opportunity for you to meet our team, support and enhance your child’s development.

If you are unable to attend our sessions but need support please contact your Health Visitor or our Health Visiting and School Nursing Advice Line on – 0161 835 6789

If you are unable to access a live session you can watch pre recorded videos in your own time:

Monday 10th June / Monday 5th August 2024

You, Your Baby & Birth with Stockport Community Midwives

Join Sam and Kim in our pre recorded video for you to view in your own time.

Sessions cover how you and your baby

work together during the different stages of labour.

For parents to be and those supporting parents to be

Pre-recorded video:

Dad Matters – Workshops

New Dad Matters Workshops held twice a month. During these sessions we will talk about three key topics; Attachment and Bonding, Mum’s and Dad’s Mental Health and Wellbeing and Access to Appropriate Services. We will also cover Labour, Birth and Beyond from a Dad’s perspective.

Dates are:

15th June

18th June

16th July

20th July

17th August

20th August

To book a place –

For more information email

For Dads to be and new dads with babies under 12 weeks old.

Tuesday 11th June / Tuesday 6th August 2024

Top Tips To Talking

9.30am – – 11.00am

support your child’s speech and language development with our Speech and Language Therapists.

Tuesday 11th June 2024

Amazing Babies

10am – 11am

Join our Infant Parent Service to learn more about how a baby’s brain develops and how we can help to build it, content of session may vary

For parents and carers conception to 2 years.

Tuesday 11th June:

Tuesday 6th August 2024

Breastfeeding Workshop

1pm – 2pm

Tuesday 11th June 2024

No session in August, please look out for dates in October.

Join our Infant Feeding Team for lots of advice and tips around breastfeeding.

For families antenatal and postnatal

Physical life skills for little ones!

Pre-recorded video:

Direct video link:

Physical activity is vital in children’s all round development, enabling them to pursue happy, healthy and active lives. Feel free to watch a pre recorded video from our Physio and Occupational Therapist, which will help you support your child in positive and nurturing ways to help them develop physical skills for life.

For parents/carers with children

9 months – 5 years.

Wednesday 12th June / Wednesday 7th August 2024

Join our Early Years Workers for Little Eaters


Do you want to know more about introducing solid foods? Do you have any questions about introducing solid foods? Join our Start Well Early Years Workers ‘live’ for tips and advice.

Wednesday 12th June

No More Nappies

11:30 -12:45

When should I start thinking about toilet training? How do I know if my child is ready? We can help you with these questions and more. Join us for a live session where we will give you tips to make the process easier and respond to any questions you have.

Wednesday 12th June

Wednesday 7th August

Safer sleep – the safest place


Going away on holiday? Going to visit family? Staying at home? Travelling with your baby?

Where is the safest space for my baby to sleep? What products are recommended for safer sleep?

Come to our our live interactive online session with our Start Well Health Visitors.

Bring your questions and our team will be able to offer advice and support about safer sleep at home, away from home or when out and about.

For parents and carers pre-birth to 12 months.

Wednesday 12th June

Wednesday 7th August

Thursday 13th June / Thursday 8th August 2024

Emotional Regulation


Thursday 20th June 2024

Thursday 19th September 2024


Do you struggle when your child has a meltdown?

Join our Parenting Team for advice on how to help your child stay calm and understand why this happens.

For parents / carers of children

up to 10 years.

Top Tips to Talking


Support your child’s speech and language development with our Speech and Language Therapists.

Thursday 8th August 2024

Sleep Seminar

No dates in June or August 2024. Next sessions will be 4th July 2024, 10th October 2024 and 12th December 2024.

Do you struggle with your child’s disrupted sleep? Do you feel exhausted? Join our parenting team for useful information and advice

For parents and carers of children aged

2 – 10 years