What is video interaction guidance (VIG)?

Video interaction guidance or VIG is an intervention being used in Stockport, with a specially trained Health Visitor, where you are guided to reflect on video clips of interactions with your baby.

VIG has a strong evidence base and is recommended by NICE guidelines. It aims to help enhance your relationship with your baby and focuses on tuning in, empathising and considering overall wellbeing. By watching your baby closely, you can come to learn more about how they communicate, and it can help with many difficulties such as excessive crying, feeling disconnected from your baby and lacking confidence as a parent.

How are the sessions run?

You will meet with your VIG guider to discuss what matters to you as a parent. Together you will discuss what you would like to focus upon in the sessions and what you would like to achieve, for example “I want to develop my confidence”, “I want to get to know my baby more”. You will be asked to complete a consent form.

When you are feeling comfortable a short video will be taken of you and your baby. This will be a few minutes in length. The video will capture moments where you and your baby are communicating. You may feel apprehensive about being videoed; you can discuss these or any other worries with your VIG guider before you start the sessions, we respect you as a parent and will not judge you.

Following on from the video being taken a new appointment will be arranged to review some edited clips together with the VIG guider you will observe and discuss what is happening, including what is working well and how to achieve your personal goals.

At the end of the session together you will summarise the strengths and points you’d like to work on. The programme usually takes place over 8 visits, but this can be reduced or extended dependent on family wishes and needs, following discussion between you and the VIG guider.

You can withdraw your consent at any time and this will not affect your care within the team.

How can I get I take part?

If you live in Stockport and have child under 5 you can find out more information from your Health Visitor or you can self-refer via the HV advice line on tel. 0161 835 6789/email adviceline@stockport.nhs.uk