Top tips for the Early Years App

When will I receive my child’s development assessment forms via the app?

You will receive your child’s development assessment form via the Early Years App at three key stages;

  • 6 weeks old
  • 9months 15 days
  • 2 years

You will be able to start completing the form as soon as you receive it.

Will my child also receive a face to face appointment at the key stages?

Yes, here in Stockport we will also contact you separately to arrange for your child’s face to face review with the Health Visiting Service, this will include a growth assessment of your child and opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns. It will usually be within a few weeks of receiving the electronic forms.

At the key times you will be offered:

  • 6 – 8 weeks – a home visit with your named health visitor.
  • 9mths – 12 months – a clinic appointment with one of our health team.
  • 2years – 2.5 years – where development is age appropriate and parents/carers do not have any concern you will be invited to a small group activity session led by our Early Years workforce, we will have activity stations where your toddler can play and you will have opportunity to ask questions and receive health promotion information and a growth assessment for your child. Where there is any identified needs or parental concern you will be invited for a clinic appointment for further review and discussion of needs.

When should I submit my child’s development forms?

In these early years a child’s skills develop rapidly and a few weeks can make all the difference so have fun testing out your child’s skills with the activities on your forms!

  • If you child is not yet achieving a skill you can practice over the next few weeks before your appointment. Forms will automatically save any information you enter and you can change your answers or leave some blank up until you select “submit”.
  • If you submit your form and decide you want to make changes you will need to request the form be opened to you again by emailing your request to

I do not want to/am having difficulties downloading the Early Years App on my mobile device, is there another way I can access my account?

As an alternative to accessing your account on the Early Years App, you can access via the web browser with both methods you will receive alerts via email/text message when you have development assessments to complete. If you experience any difficulties getting onto the app via the app, you should always be able to login via your browser such as Google chrome, Microsoft edge etc..

I am struggling to log into the Early Years App, who can help me?

We have been made aware of some instances of parents being unable to access the Early Years App. If you are experiencing technical issues using the App, check the following;

  • Is your device is up to date with updates?
  • Have you updated the latest version of the app from your App store?
  • Is your signal strength good on Wi-Fi? – poor strength can cause the connection to time out
  • Can you can access your account via a browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc.

If you answer yes to the above but are still having issues you can log a technical fault with GMC on

I am struggling to create an account, who can help me?

The Early Years App is linked to the NHS App, so if you are having problems creating an account, there’s a ‘Contact NHS Login Support’ link

I have got into the App but am not sure how to use it, what should I do?

There’s a Chatbot function (the icon displays at the bottom of the screen) you can ask a question and if you don’t get the answer you need you can request help from the GMCA Service Desk